Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) Oregon region is pleased to present a group exhibition of new works interpreting the concept of ‘Bridge’. The exhibit features the work of 25 fiber artists from across Oregon. The art is inspired by the broadest concept of Bridge:

Oregon is a state filled with bridges ranging from the mythological Bridge of the Gods to the contemporary Tilikum Crossing. The concept of “Bridge”, though, is much broader. A bridge can be the symbolic image of chrysalis to butterfly. Bridges are a connection and a link. They are bonds and pathways—both physical and emotional—between people and things. A bridge joins and unites. It spans time and traverses space. It reconciles differences creating harmony. It represents progress, stability, hope and transition. We invited artists to submit work that reflects the theme of “Bridge” either in a representational or abstract interpretation.

The concept is executed by the artists using a diverse range of fiber techniques.  The exhibition was juried by Jane Dunnewold.

"The Whole World is a Bridge" by Karen L Bates
"My Bridge to Tranquility" by Suzy Bates
"All Kapakahi" by Judith A Beaver
"Coastal Arches" by Judith A Beaver
"Reflections: View from the Bridge" by Nancy Bryant
"Golden Bridges" by Sharon Carvalho
"Bridge: Traversing a long marriage" by Sherri Culver
"Bridge to Progress?" by Anne Daughtry
"Linking Europe to Asia" by Anne Daughtry
"Waterfall" by Diane English

"Dimensional Drift" by Judith Quinn Garnett
"Bridge the Gap" by Mary H Goodson
"Suspense II" by Janet Hiller
"Deception Pass: Where Are We Headed?" by Laura Jaszkowski
"East Coast/West Coast & Everywhere In Between" by Sheryl LeBlanc
"Broadway Bridge Anew" by Shirley MacGregor
"A Zipper is a Bridge" by Annette S McFarlane
"Gothic Bridge" by Ginny McVickar
"Fantasy Bridge" by Sherrie Moomey
"HOMAGE for a Bridge" by Sherrie Moomey

"Bridging the Gap" by Judy Peterson
"Life - Bridge between Eternity Past and Eternity Future" by Judy Peterson
"Praying for Rain 1" by Deborah Runnels
"The Great Emotional Divide" by Mary C Ruzich
"Seeking Perfect Harmony" by Deborah Sorem
"Water Under the Bridge" by Karen Sunday Spencer
"Connections" by Jan Tetzlaff
"A Different Gear" by Carolyn J Walwyn
"International Space Station" by Naomi Weidner

Beaverton City Hall
12725 SW Millikan Way, Beaverton, OR 97005
Opens September 7, 2017, M-F 8am-5pm
Reception September 13, 2017 6-8pm
Closes October 31, 2017

Emerald Art Center
500 Main Street, Springfield, OR 97477
Opens November 7, 2017, T-Sat 11am-4pm
Reception November 10, 2017, 5-8pm
Closes December 1, 2017

Salem Bush Barn, Salem, OR - 2018
Franklin Crossing, Bend, OR - 2018
Northwest Quilting Expo, Portland, OR - 2018
Crossroads Carnegie Art Center, Baker City, OR - 2019

Catalogs available soon.

SAQA Oregon Exhibition Committee:
Sherrie Moomey sherrie.moomey@gmail.com
Marion Shimoda marion.shimoda@gmail.com

New Additions To The Exhibit:
In looking at our database we recently discovered that a few of the quilts were left off the list of accepted quilts. We deeply regret this error and are doing our best to correct it. We will now be adding seven new quilts to the exhibit in time for The Rogue Gallery opening.  We will also be printing an insert for the exhibit brochure that will feature the following artists and their quilts: Judith Quinn Garnett - “Explorations”, Judy Peterson - “Homage to the Dead”, Karen Spencer - “here, there & everywhere”, Karen Bates - “And you?”, Bevalee Runner -  “A Time For Every Purpose Under Heaven”, Toni Smith, “Connections” and Diane Born – “The Joy of Summer.”

 Current Exhibit Schedule:

The Rogue Gallery, Medford
Opens – June 3, 2016
Reception – Friday, June 17, 5-8pm (SAQA members are encouraged to attend.)
Closes – July 29

Companion Exhibit:
The national SAQA exhibit “Concrete and Grassland
Grants Pass Museum of Art (30 minutes from Medford)
Opens – June 1, 2016
Reception – Friday, June 3, 5-9pm (SAQA members are encouraged to attend.)
Closes – July 29

Willamette Heritage Center, Salem
Opens – September 22, 2016
Reception – September 22 4-7pm (SAQA members are encouraged to attend.)
Closes – December 24

Chahelem Art Center, Newberg
Opens – April 4th, 2017
Reception ­–TBD
Closes – May 27

Crossroad Art Center, Baker City
Opens – May 31, 2017
Reception –  TBD
Closes – June 30

Leotie Richards lotidesignworks@gmail.com & Jean Wells jean@stitchinpost.com